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If you’re looking to start playing online poker or are a seasoned player and would like to play at a great site, check out Americas Card Room. You can download the poker client here at the VOTF site and start playing today.

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ETO Schedule Change

ETO banner-2

With so many Clan games already on Saturdays, I thought it best to cancel our ETO game for that day and change it to Sundays. So the new ETO Schedule will be as follows:

Sundays at 6pm est

Mondays at 7pm est

Wednesdays at 7pm est

Fridays at 7pm est


Also with the canceled games in the Home Game Schedule, it can be easy to miss an up and coming game. An easy way to view the schedule is to click “Date” in the top right corner and it will organize It by date.

Any questions or have concerns with the schedule or games let me know.

Eat Their Own League September Results

  1. Cannibalism (from Caníbales, the Spanish name for the Caribs, a West Indies tribe that formerly practiced cannibalism) is the act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other human beings. It is also called anthropophagy. A person who practices cannibalism is called a cannibal.


    Cannibalism is a funny thing.  It is mostly frowned upon towards anyone who practices such methods.  But can also have many blessings when it used as a means of survival.  But for a Villain, it is a way of having the upper hand to pull off a successful heist against another baddie.  Our inaugural ETO League in September was no exception.


    Lep and the Villains of the Felt would like to thank the 22 players who came out and helped to make the first month very successful!   Villains from all walks of life not only had fun but faced fierce competition as all was out to prove who was the baddest of them all.


    We had 19 Villains who earned the “Bread and Water” Trophy.  It is a thanks for coming gift to those who were unable to put any delicious food in their stomachs, but had a taste of the great competition of the Eat Their Own League.  Margo (jdsevil) led the pack of criminals by blowing the biggest bubble with 3 Silver, 2 Bronze and a 4th place finish.  Honorable mentions go out to Leprekahn with 2 Gold finishes and ch3ckraisin, SmokeWeedMan, Neon Purple, ezflyfisher, POTFAN420, nine_iron20, offrdmom, and Arwen930 all winning a Gold.  A great effort by all!
    Sept Bread and Water
    Our 3rd place finisher managed to get a little food in her stomach but is still starving for more.  With 4 Silver, 3 Bronze finishes and 19.5 Knockouts the “Appetizer” trophy is served to Tracy (poisionivy197).  Congrats on your trophy, well done!  187
    Sept. Appetizer
    Starting off quickly, gulping down his appetizer was none other than The Warden (gridlock10).  But Grid’s eyes must have been bigger than his stomach and he was looking at dessert a little too soon as he could not quite finish off the full course meal.  He would have to settle for the “Soup and Salad” trophy.  His 4 Golds (the most for the month of September), 1 Silver finish, and 23 Knockouts was enough to earn him 2nd place in the League.  Great job Warden, pace yourself next month!  187
    Sept. Soup and Salad

    The full course meal was not only delicious and filling, but very satisfying for this month’s consistent 1st place finisher.  This Villain not only came away with 3 Gold, 2 Silver, and 3 Bronze finishes, he also walked away with a belly full of Villains.  This player had the recipe for success walking away with the main course, the “Meat and Potatoes” trophy.  This baddie also had the most Knockouts with 26 KO’s and therefore wins the “LottoBucks” trophy for his great strategic play.  Join the Villains in raising a glass to toast our first monthly winner TeUnit!  Wicked job done Tee, a hearty congrats to you!  187

    Sept. Meat and Potatoes

     Sept. LottoBucks Award


    Sept. ETO Results


    Please come out and join us in our October games of feasting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7pm EST.  Our new day will be Sundays at 6pm EST.  We will be serving a different course each night,  yummmmmy.  187  Ride or Die!


Bringing Randomness to the Lair




The flip of a coin, the throwing of two dice, the twist of the roulette…all acts of randomness that can determine your outcome.  But do you have what it takes to keep your opponent guessing? Can you master the unknown?

Predictability. An unwelcomed trait in a game of chance that can leave you flatlined, grasping for the rail. Its like playing with mirrored eye lashes, like placing bets with your cards face up. An epic fail.

This next recruit will leave you in doubt of your play, and stay true to his name. Please help welcome him as we add a little randomness to the clan.




Welcome to the Clan RNG.

To check out info on the BOTC please click here.

To check out info on the ETO League click here.

To request a VOTF avatar ask Gridlock here.

Thanks For A Great Month

We had a very successful first month of the ETO Poker League. Thank you for coming out to play the games and supporting the clan as we had more then expected participation coming out of the gates. We had 3 more Villains join the Home Game over the weekend and I’m expecting a few more signups very soon. Our Lookout, Arwen, is preparing the congratulatory blog which will include the ever dazzling trophy’s created by the Warden, Gridlock. This should be out shortly so stay tuned for that.

As we enter our 2nd month of ETO, I would like to extend the 5 post requirement to 10 posts. This requirement is only for those that finish in the top 3 for the month and I believe 10 posts is an adequate exchange for free money on ACR. The 10 post requirement will never be increased and we who have made VOTF our home, appreciate your activity :)

Thanks again for your participation and I look forward to playing with you on the felts :)


Freeroll Fury Going on At Carbon In October


Freeroll Fury

Starting October 1st, CarbonPoker is bringing the heat back to our player base with the return of Freeroll Fury.

This promotion gives players a chance to play in a huge $500 Freeroll everyday from October 1st to October 31st!
How Do I Participate?

Players can gain access to the daily $500 Freeroll by earning a minimum of 15 Player Points per day through Cash Games, Sit & Go’s or Tournaments prior to the freeroll starting on the same day.
Freeroll Fury Details

Tournament Name: $500 Freeroll Fury
Date & Time: Daily at 20:00 EST
Entry: Earn 15 Player Points on the same day as the freeroll
Tab Location: Tournaments > Regular or Special

A few Clan Games Tonight

Just a reminder we have Game 2 for the month of October tonight in the ETO Poker League Home Game on Pokerstars.

The game is NLHE and starts at 7pm est and counts towards the ETO Leaderboard. If you have a villainous month in our games, you have the chance for some cash prizes on ACR so come out and play if you have the time.

We also have the BOTC tonight which starts at 8pm est  and don’t forget The Jokers Smile tomorrow night on Carbon.

gl in the games!